Near the Villa

Near the Villa are lot of beautiful places and programs.

For example:


A famous hungarian restaurant: St. Orban, 500 m from the Villa.


Horse riding, 800 m from the Villa Fodor.


The new Corso of Velence, 1 km from the Villa.

Resorts and Spa Hotel Superior & Wellness. 2 km from the Villa Fodor.

Sailing on the Lake Velence, 1 km from the Villa Fodor.


mini-football field, 800 m from the Villa.

Lake Velence is the second largest natural lake and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Hungary. Its area is 27 sqkm, one third of which is covered by reeds.

It is a natural reserve with bird species unique in Europe. Based on observations, the region boasts the largest number of sunshine hours in Hungary. Owing to the 1.5 m average water depth and the large number of sunshine hours, the water temperature reaches 26-28 oC in summer.

Rich in minerals (sodium and magnesium), the water of Lake Velence regenerates the fatigued body and eases rheumatoid symptoms. Its beaches and shores await those who prefer active holidays.

The area offers a wide range of cultural events.